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At Tweed Financial Advice – Helping You Design A Lifetime Financial Plan Is Our Job. Seeing You Achieve Your Dreams Is Why We Do It.

Finding Your Starting Point Is Easy, Simply Book A Consultation!  The reasons people come to us are many and varied. Everybody’s situation is different but there is one fact that is true for everyone… Nothing will change if we don’t take action. Some people think they already need to be wealthy to use a financial advisor. In reality the majority of our clients are ordinary people who came to us looking for a better plan. Some of the reasons people come to us include:

  • They are concerned they don’t have enough superannuation
  • They want to ensure their family will be secure if anything happens to them
  • They have a major financial goal
  • They have received a lump sum and want to ensure they use it wisely
  • They want to retire early

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About Us

Peter Wilson is the Principal and Senior Adviser from Tweed Financial Advice. Peter is an Authorised Representative of Advice Evolution, and has over twenty years of experience helping people from the Tweed, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and beyond, to realise their financial goals. At TFA we pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, honesty, integrity, diligence, and commitment.





Andrea Suyo is Peter Wilson’s Financial Planning Assistant and is an Authorised Representative from Advice Evolution and has been helping Peter with admin duties.

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Important: Before providing financial advice we must provide you with this FSG Tweed Financial Advice The purpose of the Guide is to convey important information that you need to know before receiving any financial advice or services. You should download and retain this document or ask us for a copy.