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That’s Why They Call It ‘Preparing For The Unexpected’

Because nobody ‘expects’ that they are going to have an accident and be unable to work either short term or permanently. Nobody ‘expects’ that they are going to get sick and have to fight a major illness. And certainly nobody wants to entertain the thought that something may happen to them leaving their family without them. However these things do happen and they don’t discriminate. They can happen to anyone. There is nothing quite like having the peace of mind of knowing that if the unexpected happens, then you or your family can focus on supporting each other instead of worrying about how to pay the bills.

Types of Personal Insurance

Life Insurance – pays a lump sum on death or terminal illness to help support your dependants. Total & Permanent Disability – pays a lump sum to help support your living standard if you are totally and permanently disabled due to illness or injury. Income Protection – pays a monthly income to help support you and your dependants if you are unable to work temporarily due to illness or injury. Trauma Insurance – pays a lumps sum to help support your recovery if you are diagnosed with a specified major medical condition eg. heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

We Understand Your Needs Change

There are life events that affect the level of insurance you need. These might include getting married, starting a family, buying a home, paying off a home, or buying a business. As part of our regular review process we ensure that you are not under-insured or over-insured, but adequately covered to make your insurance investment as cost-effective as possible.

Insurance in Super

Personal insurance can be purchased within superannuation which may also provide tax concessions on the premiums. Call us at TFA on 02 6674 0511 for a free consultation to discuss your insurance needs.