Services - Retirement Planning

The Best Time to Start Planning for Retirement is Now

The important thing is to know what you want from your retirement, the lifestyle you desire, and what is achievable.

At TFA we help you by:

  • Designing a retirement strategy for your personal and financial circumstances
  • Appraising the different options available to you at retirement time (regulations and legislation that affect you may differ depending on when you were born)
  • Structuring an investment portfolio with a balance of income and capital growth
  • Conducting regular reviews to ensure that your plan is up-to-date, relevant, and working effectively.

Income Needs

Many people underestimate how much income they will need in retirement and find themselves well short of enjoying the lifestyle they dreamt of. The earlier we can do a realistic appraisal of your funds both inside and outside superannuation, the sooner we can see how your likely income and the income you will need, compare. Armed with this information, we can design a strategy to maximise your retirement income.

Super At 55

Did you know that if you were born before 1 July 1960 you can draw an income from a pre-retirement pension? This effectively allows you to start transitioning to retirement and reducing the amount of hours you work while still contributing to your super and gaining tax advantages. Talk to us about how this works.


Let us show you how to structure your investments and assets favourably so that you may still qualify for a pension or other benefits and allowances.