Services - Superannuation

Act Now For The Best Possible Future Outcome

For most people superannuation is their single largest long term investment. Unfortunately it’s often the most neglected as well.

However, the truth is that, compounded over years, small actions now can yield massive returns in the future.

At TFA we help you ensure that your super is working as hard as possible for you by:

  • Matching your needs to an appropriate fund
  • Consolidating multiple accounts
  • Locating lost super
  • Utilising strategies to augment your super
  • Selecting the appropriate spread of investments
  • Instructing your fund’s Trustee of your beneficiary nomination
  • Providing guidance on self-managed super funds

Other Superannuation Strategies We Can Advise You On

Salary Sacrificing

Effectively increase your super and save on tax.

Government Co-Contribution

If you are a low income earner you may eligible for a co-contribution of up to $500.

Call us at TFA on 02 6674 0511 for a free consultation to discuss your superannuation strategy.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

A SMSF allows you to have greater control over your superannuation. However it’s not for everyone. We can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision.

Super Splitting

If you’re thinking of retiring before age 60, splitting your super contributions with your spouse might be a useful tax strategy. Where one spouse is younger or earning a lower income, super splitting can also help even out superannuation contributions.

Spouse Contributions

If your spouse is a low income earner or not working, you may be eligible for a tax offset by making contributions to their superannuation fund on their behalf.